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Dating Tips: “Should you tell her you like her?”

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  1. calacataya says:

    The logic has merit.

  2. diggyonutube says:

    Great stuff. Sometimes even adults with experience forget this stuff

  3. JohnnyForehead says:

    Does she light up around you? Do her eyes dilate? Does she mimic your body language, stand closer than other guys? Avert your eyes? You having feelings for her means nothing. Does she feel attracted to you is what counts. If you think some attraction is there, then flirt with her, tease, have fun with her, but don’t beat around the bush. Indirect is just cowardice. If she likes you then she’ll want you to succeed. Ask her on a date and kiss her. If it doesn’t work move on there will be others.

  4. Henry Adda Chaisritha says:

    3:45 great idea man!

  5. SuperAsianboy95 says:

    you so damn right :D

  6. Evgeni Georgiev says:

    I was abouth to misunderstand this topic-I like to be playful and tell her she is hot .

  7. Chris F says:

    Great advice, I’m going to need this tonight.

  8. NastyHangover says:

    I still don’t know, how i found u, but thanks god i did!

  9. pedro lopez says:

    can you make a video about talking to a girl on facebook?

  10. Eduardo lugo says:

    I totally agree! I pictured myself being asked if I like her.. and I was like.. I would just walk away and feel uncomfortable. Maybe I won’t meet her much. It is all about chemistry Both should be able to feel love. I prefer that she kisses me out of no where and I will feel loved.

  11. Marc Tonzillo says:

    Confused. How are you supposed to make her know you’re interested without telling her? Where is the romance if she doesn’t know you’re interested?

  12. Arman Fidaus says:

    Hi! thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about dating course known as Sozofintao Dating Manual (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about Sozofintao Dating Manual? I have heard several awesome things about it and my buddy finally get laid by hot girl using it, but he refuses to tell me: (

  13. Ivan Nicolas Jimenez Mejia says:

    With your attitude, i’ve tried it and it worked, and I was very surprised when it did. You’ll know if she likes you because she will show it to you in the same way, with her attitude. Just try to read her and beware of the tests.

  14. Mark Handberg says:

    I agree with you Stephan in terms of your advice and reasons for not emitiately telling the girl that you like (or even worse love her). In general your videos have tough me to treat girls with the same respect that I treat other with and just be myself and not try to impress them or act like someone I’m not. That has been very valurable for me and made to more IN CONTROL of myself and therefore more relaxed. Thank you very much for your great work!

  15. poiuytrewq95 says:

    Soo don’t basically tell her show her and make moves right?

  16. poiuytrewq95 says:

    Thats what i was thinking? Maybe its tension or maybe he means not to pour your heart out and say it playfully?

  17. boliussa says:

    take her out somewhere I suppose. don’t know where though.

  18. Heti Aulia says:

    Hi! thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about dating course called Sozofintao Dating Manual (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried Sozofintao Dating Manual? I’ve heard several great things about it and my cooworker finally get laid by hot women using it, but he refuses to tell me: (

  19. Luffy Monkey says:

    how do you tell someone you like them if they are dating someone else? should you tell her, wait until they break up, or move on

  20. tjfjt says:

    alright to questions first i like this girl and she likes me back but she has a boyfriend what should i do should i wait or just move on? and second if a girl askes you if you like her what do you do (so far ive just been honest and idk if ive been playing it right or not)

  21. stephonfilm says:

    i made that mistake in telling her i love her,now she dont talk to me,shes my dream girl i met in my acting class i do have her phone number,and shes on my mind all the time,i really want her and i want to fight to have her,can this be fixed?

  22. Neowulf Bielobog says:

    nope, move on. Its basically like a light switch.

  23. Neowulf Bielobog says:

    1) If she’s in a relationship then dont worry about it, time will tell if she TRULY likes you. It’s her decision whether she stays in a relationship or not. 2) If a girl says she likes you, BE 100% HONEST.

  24. Neowulf Bielobog says:

    MOVE ON!!!

  25. stephonfilm says:

    I cant move on,theres hope I’m giving her time to think,and friendship can lead to a relationship theres hope who knows what the future brings.

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